The Questions You Ask…


AFTERMATH is an immersive political thriller which brings the Escape Room experience to you.

No need to travel – if you have a room which can hold up to 5-20 people, then we can bring the danger to your door.

Can you tell me more about Emilia? What the Aftermath is?
No. Coincidentally, there’s also a sniper near by.

How do we find you?
You don’t. If you have the space, we bring the Escape Room experience to you.

How many people can play?
We recommend between 5 and 20. However, if you have larger numbers let us know as the mission can accommodate groups up to 70 Participants.

How Far Do You Go?
In terms of saving the world, all the way. However, at this current time, we are solely London, UK-based. If you want us to join you further afield, then please ask us and we’ll see what we  can do.

Is there an age limit?
Yes, we recommend 10 years minimum. While AFTERMATH doesn’t use anything particularly adult in terms of language or other such naughtiness, it does have mature themes and ideas. Also the experience is designed to be a difficult one, so younger child may struggle to enjoy the experience fully. Also, as AFTERMATH is designed to played in environments where you are more likely to find adults (closed areas in pubs, private room party hires, work spaces), it’s not designed for young children in mind.

Is AFTERMATH fully inclusive?
As long as the environment is accessible, then so is the game! If you require anything to be adapted, such as large print materials, please let us know in advance. If there are any additional special requirements, please ask us in advance.

How many games can you run?
AFTERMATH can be run three times a day – so if you wanted to book us for a series of games, then please let us know so we can make arrangements for a full day package.

Do I need to bring anything?
Just your wits, your brain, a SmartPhone, your sense of teamwork and desire for adventure. As long as you have a room in which you can begin your investigation in, we will provide the rest.

Is there anything else we should know?
Given the importance of your mission, you will be expected to sign a waiver. If the public knew the whole truth about AFTERMATH, there would be chaos…

What if I’ve forgotten something?

Then please check our Terms & Conditions, and if your answer isn’t there, then please email us on this encrypted email here

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