One Murder. One Conspiracy. One Chance to Save The World.

ON THE BRINK is an intense, two-hour experience where team players
are thrown into a near-future world. There, they must work alongside their mysterious Mission Master,
Agent 12, to solve a series of uniquely challenging tasks. These tasks will require team work,
clear communication, lateral and logical thinking, an eye for detail and strong investigative instincts.
Five Minutes In The Future. The body of the respected investigative reporter, Emilia Sarnowska,
is found murdered after a cryptic and distressing email message is sent to The Ministry. The cause
of death is unknown. Across the globe, dark forces prepare to execute the last stage of an insidious
plan that will threaten the entire world. For you, it’s a normal day. It's a party, a get-together,
a work meeting.
But that will soon be shattered when The Ministry arrive, bringing you Emilia’s luggage asking you to
unlock a dark conspiracy and save the world… This is an acclaimed, immersive, non-linear
Escape Game experience which brings the danger to your door. You build the team,
we bring the mission to you. If you can hold your nerve, you might just
save the world – and avert The Aftermath…


This is a forensics-based mission, requiring teams to focus on their analytical skills. Communication is vital as you must decode, examine and build a complete picture on the murder of Emilia Sarnowska and why she claimed the entire world order is at risk...

On The Brink uses a variety of items, codes and puzzles linked to an online world to discover the truth behind a corporate conspiracy which ended in murder.

FOCUS: Team Building, Team Communication, Data Analysis, Forensic Examination and online decoding, Non-Linear thinking

REQUIRES: WiFi and 3G+ mobile signal access. | DIFFICULTY: 5/5



The game ideally requires the following:

• You to have 5 - 140 Players •
( Bespoke requests up to 150+ players)

• An area you control •
(e.g.: a private room booked for your party, or a meeting room in your office)

• A large table or two •

• A Smart-Phone that's fully charged •

• Two hours to set up and undertake the mission •  

We Provide You:

• A dedicated Mission Master •
(who sets up and runs the experience at your location)

• Materials for the event •

• The time for you to crack the case •

After that, as we bring the experience to you, all you will need is your wits, creative thinking caps, and puzzle solving skills as the fate of the world is in your hands! Aside from being an team-building event for colleagues, the game works in pub or party environments as well, meaning you can investigate alongside drinks if you wish.

Our Participants: have noted Aftermath's transformative effects - daily office environments
become intensely exciting immersive fictional worlds, colleagues and friends find new ways to work
together and individuals surprise themselves - all with strong degrees of positive confirmation both during
and after the experience. Should you join us, you must leave no stone unturned and no detail ignored to
prevent the Aftermath from occurring.  Feeling brave? Then book now!