This is an interesting twist on the escape room for two reasons - the game is not a straight-forward one, utterly mind bending! Luckily it's based in a grand pub, which meant we were allowed to have a drink as well! Beautiful location, high quality )if dizzying!) game!

Geffty, TripAdvisor

Well thought through and appropriately complex problem solving challenge. Good props. The coordinator arrived well in time and had everything ready and under control. He did a good job in terms of some interventions to keep things moving forward when the team was struggling. Very happy with your flexibility on the late booking..

Richard, Trustpilot

Aftermath: a puzzling immersive game! I would highly recommend this game for a team building corporate event as it forces to works on your communication, organisational and logistic skills!

Jennifer Le, Trustpilot

Me and my colleagues really enjoyed this. This a great work day out activity. We where where a rather large group of 25. Good team management from the "mission master" - Everyone was involved. The story and props where intriguing. An exiting and a little different activity.

Harriet T, DMN

I enjoyed many aspects of the game, from the websites you had to find, to using black latex gloves (because you were dealing with evidence). There were many different type of puzzles for different brains to work out.

Henri Roe, Trustpilot

This was a good experience for our office. Would recommend this to any team looking for something out of the ordinary to do. Wide selcections of puzzles and red herrings. It was great that we could do this sort of activity in our own office. It cut our costs in having to rent somewhere else.

Tracyh, TripAdvisor

Amazing experience! Really brought the team together. Highly recommend to any company that wants to unite their team member

Breanna M, Trustpilot

A great immersive experience and one that still gets me thinking about it. Oh I forgot to mention that we escaped with 7 minutes on the clock to spare…

Joice T, Yelp