One Name. One Death. One Hope.

THE MISSING LINK dives deeper into the Aftermath Universe where
players investigate Emilia Sarnovska's final case - "CROWDALE". Work with the Ministry through Agent 12
to unlock Emilia's cryptic notes, solving non-linear puzzles in a thrilling, challenging race against the clock.
You are now The Ministry - and the world's - best hope...
Emilia Sarnovska died, investigating a terrifying global conspiracy at the heart of Escutcheon Corp.
However, it was not end of her story... As The Ministry began to close down her file and her estate,
a mysterious item was found left in her safe. Alongside it was the cryptic phrase "Crowdale".
The Ministry will need you. In the ever-growing AFTERMATH universe, Assignment II: The Missing Link
is the next non-linear Escape Game experience which comes to YOU. Whether this is your first AFTERMATH
mission or your second Assignment, prepare your team for the challenge of their lives...


A race-against-time, action-based mission which requires a team to unlock a medical conspiracy which threatens both the UK and the entire world. Communication is vital as you are given control of various strike teams across the world, which you must deploy correctly based on the physical evidence left behind by Damien J. Managuard, mercenary for hire...

The Missing Link features interactive multi-media and online elements, immersing your operatives in a tense, high-stakes world of military command and medical conspiracy to prevent an international fraud which will trigger global disaster.

FOCUS: Team Communication, Team Building, Physical Examination and decoding, Linear Puzzle Solving, Leadership Skills

REQUIRES: WiFi and 3G+ mobile signal access. | DIFFICULTY: 4/5



The game ideally requires the following:

• You to have 5 - 140 Players •
( Bespoke requests up to 150+ players)

• An area you control •
(e.g.: a private room booked for your party, or a meeting room in your office)

• A large table or two •

• A Smart-Phone that's fully charged •

• Two hours to set up and undertake the mission •  

We Provide You:

• A dedicated Mission Master •
(who sets up and runs the experience at your location)

• Materials for the event •

• The time for you to crack the case •

After that, as we bring the experience to you, all you will need is your wits, creative thinking caps, and puzzle solving skills as the fate of the world is in your hands! Aside from being an team-building event for colleagues, the game works in pub or party environments as well, meaning you can investigate alongside drinks if you wish.

Our Participants: have noted Aftermath's transformative effects - daily office environments
become intensely exciting immersive fictional worlds, colleagues and friends find new ways to work
together and individuals surprise themselves - all with strong degrees of positive confirmation both during
and after the experience. Should you join us, you must leave no stone unturned and no detail ignored to
prevent the Aftermath from occurring.  Feeling brave? Then book now!