Aftermath UK is the leading specialist in ‘Second Generation’ Escape Room Game experiences. Unlike ‘First Generation’ companies who are based in one fixed location, we have perfected the Escape Game experience to be 100% portable and be used in any environment. 


As such, we have managed to bring the escape game experience to hundreds of high profile corporate clients weekly since early 2017. We also offer bespoke services for clients such as you.  Our corporate clients to date have included Shell, Google, Deloitte, Accenture, PwC, Morgan Stanley, BBC, BT, The Bank of England, Bloomberg, Glencore, Nutmeg, and many, many more.

Our collective team has already created an interlinked immersive universe of game experiences. Each game exists in a self-contained narrative under the command of The Ministry, led by the unflappable Agent 12.

However, like the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe, we also interconnect our narratives. We’ve also developed our games to be scaleable experiences for groups between 5-280 players at a time.  We can bring this expertise and develop a unique, reusable, high-quality escape game experience for any number of players, which can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Utilising the experience and expertise of theatre producers and directors, actors, award-winning writers, sound designers and graphics specialists, we’ve created immersive games like no other escape room company. Using high-quality bespoke props, puzzle design, cinematic sound scores, immersive trickery and HD video footage, all combine to create experiences where no player can be sure where the immersive story ends - and the real world begins.

We transform normal spaces into intense, thrilling battles with world-threatening consequences. We create your chance to be the hero and save the world.

Please contact us for Bespoke Enquiries and quotes.

You can own your very own Escape Game from the masters of the portable experience.