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We’re not just in London you know, we go all over the UK and beyond, which includes Bristol.

Help us build the best team you can have with Aftermath coming to you and your colleagues. With the shocking and mysterious death of a mainstream reporter, your team must work to discover what she had learned, and how it, if unbeaten, will change our history forever (On The Brink). Emilia’s death was not the end - just the beginning. Further clues surface as you are forced to take control of a global team to prevent a deeper level of criminal activity which threats all of the world’s population…(The Missing Link)

Bristol is just a trip away for Aftermath, as a fully portable and live experience that can go anywhere across the UK. Bristol offers an excellent opportunity for The Ministry to send you either mission and a trained Agent to ask the question - can you undertake one of our mission experiences to prevent The Aftermath?

Use the contact form here to get in touch and enquire about bringing us to you, not matter how far away we feel.