We come to you

in Bristol

We’re not just in London you know, we go all over the UK and beyond, which includes Bristol!


Gather your team and turbocharge your next event with an Aftermath Mission!

Help us build the best team you can have with Aftermath coming to you and your friends and colleagues. With the shocking and mysterious death of a mainstream reporter, your team must work to discover what she had learned, and how it, if unbeaten, will change our history. Triggering an adrenaline-fueled quest to uncover a global conspiracy against freedom. It's like stepping into a real-life escape room, where every twist and turn reveals a piece of the puzzle, and the fuse is lit on an unforgettable adventure.

Bristol is just a hop away, and The Ministry is ready to roll out a mission complete with an Agent. Brace yourself for a challenge that's more than an escape room—it's a portable experience, bringing the thrill of uncovering secrets right to your doorstep. Our five-star rated escapades are ready to inject a dose of excitement into your local scene!

Are you up for the challenge? Use the contact form below to reach out and explore how we can bring this unforgettable, portable experience to you. No matter how distant it may seem, get ready to transform your world with a mission like no other!