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Are you searching for a thrilling and unique escape game experience that can be easily transported and set up in any space? Look no further than Aftermath, the plug-and-play escape game that is taking the entertainment industry by storm.

Unlike traditional escape rooms that require a fixed room location, our game is completely portable and adaptable to any location in the world. Our innovative infrastructure is easy to use, and within a couple of months, you can be running your own Aftermath experience in any English-speaking country, or easily adapted for foreign markets.

When it comes to escape games, traditional escape rooms can be limiting and costly to set up - but not with Aftermath. Our game is not limited to a traditional room, which means you can set it up anywhere - a conference room, a park, or even your own living room! This flexibility allows us to offer a unique and immersive experience that is unmatched by other escape games.

Whether you're an event planner looking to add an exciting element to your corporate offering or someone just starting out, Aftermath is the perfect solution. With our easy-to-use infrastructure and simple set-up process, you can have your own Aftermath experience up and running in no time.



Don't just take our word for it - Aftermath has already been a runaway success. Our first mission was launched in 2016 and was met with tremendous success across the UK, with successful bookings at homes, offices, and pub parties. Now, we're looking to offer this experience to business franchising partners in other cities across the globe, building a multi-platform experience that is ready to grow and share across multiple operators with a shared infrastructure.

So why wait? If you're ready to take your entertainment business to the next level with a unique and portable escape game experience, contact us today to discuss licensing terms. Join the ranks of successful Aftermath operators and bring a one-of-a-kind adventure to your customers, wherever they may be.




A two-hour, multi-platform, immersive adventure, that can accommodate larger groups.

A fully tried-and-tested gaming experience.

A pre-built shareable, online and digital game infrastructure which can be accessed by any smart phone via internet, WiFi or 4G+.




A One-hour, online, immersive adventure. A fully virtual gaming experience.

An immersive entertainment experience that can be run via two configurations on Zoom.

A pre-built shareable, online and digital game infrastructure which can be accessed by any laptop/ computer via the internet.


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