We come to you

in Belfast

We’re not just in London you know, we go all over the UK and beyond, which includes Belfast!


Ensure your local business or event doesn't miss the chance to supercharge its edge with an Aftermath Mission!

Envision this: The Ministry receives a spine-chilling warning from a 'dead woman walking,' setting off a pulse-pounding quest to uncover a global conspiracy against freedom. It's akin to immersing yourself in a living escape room, where each twist and turn unveils a fragment of the puzzle, igniting an adventure you won't soon forget.

Belfast is just a skip away, and The Ministry is geared up to launch a mission with a seasoned Agent. Get ready for a challenge that transcends the typical escape room—it's a portable experience, delivering the excitement of unravelling secrets directly to your doorstep. Our five-star rated escapades are poised to infuse a burst of energy into your local scene!

Are you ready to seize the challenge? Utilize the contact form below to connect with us and discover how we can bring this unforgettable, portable experience to you. Regardless of the distance, prepare to revolutionize your world with a mission like no other!