If you have ever wanted to assemble a team and save the world, this is your chance. We’ll bring you a thrilling immersive experience guaranteed to delight those looking for that special feature at your party or workplace.

AFTERMATH is designed to immerse the hero in you inside a shared fictional universe where you are the hero. Race against the clock to unlock the conspiracy and save the world. Be the hero.



Aftermath requires creativity, lateral thinking and problem-solving skills to succeed. As a thrilling team challenge to save the world, see if you and your colleagues can become the team which will go down in the history books.

Designed to accommodate larger-than-most groups, AFTERMATH is a truly thrilling experience which requires your colleagues to work with a dedicated Agent and build their communication and rapport to save the world.



Aftermath is a unique interactive political conspiracy experience designed to challenge your friends and family. Can you work together to save the world as we know it?

If it’s a personal celebration or just a get-together, why not get the party buzzing with a unique and competitive event that guaranteed to create a sense of wonder and fun?




Escape Room fan? Murder Mystery expert? Puzzle master? Invite us to bring the Aftermath experience to you and your team. Take your skills to the next level!

AFTERMATH is considered one of the toughest Escape Game experiences in the UK - we are a true challenge to even those who consider themselves the experts!




We work both with corporate clients and HR companies to offer an experience that engages staff in a creative way and can be tailored to your training programmes’ needs.

Our corporate partners have noted Aftermath's transformative effects as a training tool - daily office environments become intensely exciting immersive fictional worlds, colleagues and friends find new ways to work together and individuals surprise themselves.




We know that a Stag or Hen do is a packed day - why not take 2 hours of that day with us where you can drink, have fun and save the world to make it a memorable experience on a day to remember?

AFTERMATH offers Stag and Hen parties the best of both worlds - an opportunity to bring people together in an environment where you can eat and drink around the game and fit into your itinerary - anywhere, anytime.




Looking for something different on campus or in a pub room for your mates? Get in touch with us - we even offer NUS Discount!

AFTERMATH is an exciting, engaging, modern escape game with a strong digital design. Why not combine a night out with your mates by diving into the universe of AFTERMATH? We offer a 10% NUS Discount to valid NUS card holders.




What better way to liven up a rain day in London? We can bring an Escape Game experience to you - even your hotel room can become a thrilling Escape Room!

No need to find an Escape game experience in a strange city - we can come to you! Even on a rainy day in London, we can entertain you at a venue of your choosing.