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The Aftermath Experience is a series of inter-linked escape game adventures, which can be played in any order. AFTERMATH brings the Escape Game experience to you (in-person or virtually).

If you have a space, we can bring our in-person Escape Room experiences to you. The in-person games can be run at any venue, room, pub, office, etc of your choice. Alternatively, we do have a list of suggested venues all over London that we have worked with before.

We also offer a virtual game experience, as well as in-person bookings all over the UK and Europe. Please contact us to ask about our rates outside of London.

No room, no problem! Our In-person games can be run at any venue of your choice.

We also have a list of Suggested Venues. So you have a few suggestions of venues in London we have worked with, in the past.

We can accommodate large groups up to 280 players, side-by-side. However, if you have larger numbers let us know – we can expand “ON THE BRINK” and “THE MISSING LINK” with a few weeks notice.

Our virtual game “TASKFORCE HURRICANE” supports between 4 – 90 participants (in teams of up to 10 people). Please contact us if you wish to book for a virtual game for a larger group.

In terms of saving the world, we go all the way!

We are pleased to say that we can now run “On The Brink” & “The Missing Link” anywhere in the UK, as long as the region has 4G+ / WiFi signal access. We are also open to EU/EEA region bookings now as well! Please contact us to ask about our rates outside of London for our in-person games.

Our virtual game “Taskforce Hurricane” is available to participants worldwide.

Our in-person assignments takes around 2 hours to complete.
(15-Min briefing + 90-Min game time + 15-Min debrief) 

Alternatively, we have both longer and shorter versions available upon request.

Our Virtual game takes approx 60 min to complete.

AFTERMATH: TAILORED. Place your desired person, as well as a few specific aspects of their normal life into the heart of an immersive fictional world. Our tailored package allows one person to be put into our On The Brink mission for that extra special experience (the ultimate birthday gift, or as the main event for the stag or hen do!). – Read more 

AFTERMATH: BESPOKE We also offer completely bespoke games, build from scratch to your specifications. You can own your very own Escape Game experience from the masters of the portable experience. We transform normal spaces into intense, thrilling battles with world-threatening consequences. We create your chance to be the hero and save the world. – Read more

Assignment: Taskforce Hurricane is a fully virtual game experience, that can be played from home. A computer or tablet with Zoom installed is required to participate. The game takes approx 60 min and is suitable for between 4 – 90 people (in teams of up to 10 participants).

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“On The Brink”, and “The Missing Link” are in-person games that can be played at your chosen location. “Taskforce Hurricane” is a fully virtual experience that can be played remotely.

Each Assignment offers you an individual stand-alone experience. However, playing the games back to back, collectively builds a richer narrative, immersing you in a larger, shared universe….

We can run Escape Games multiple times a day, side-by-side. If you wanted to book us for a series of games as several HR Training and Event Managers already do, then please let us know. We can make arrangements for a full day or a regularly scheduled package of games.

If you have the space we can currently run a game for up to 280 participants at the same time.

Yes, for our in-person games you need: a room/space to play the game in, minimum one fully charged smartphone per team, WIFI/4G+ Access, and a large table or two.

For our virtual game you need: A laptop or tablet with the Zoom app installed, WIFI Signal and some headphones.

And don’t forget your wits, your brain, your sense of teamwork and desire for adventure.

Yes, we recommend 16 years minimum. While our main games doesn’t use anything particularly adult in terms of language or other such naughtiness, it does have mature themes and ideas. Also, the experience is designed to be a difficult one, so a younger child may struggle to enjoy the experience fully. 

If you wish to book a game for younger children, please read more about our “AFTERMATH: KIDS” Game.

As long as the environment is accessible, then so is the game! If you require anything to be adapted, such as large print materials, or any additional special requirements, please ask us in advance.

Simply ask give us a call, or email us on this encrypted email here… Our Agents are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Yes, Taskforce Hurricane requires the zoom app installed on your computer or tablet to play.

If it is the first time you are using zoom, have a look at our zoom help page.

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